Our Mission

Azerbaijan Social Work Public Union (AZSWPU) is dedicated to promoting and regulating the Social Work profession in Azerbaijan. AZSWPU represents Social Workers by ensuring the sustainable development of the profession, the maintenance of accountability and compliance with the social work standards, and the promotion of professional identity. The AZSWPU is advocating for the education of social work profession at University level and for the provision of continuous education for para- social workers to contribute to Azerbaijan’ society, its communities and institutions to improve social inclusion and social well-being.

Our Vision

AZSWPU is the only association of professional social workers in Azerbaijan. It ensures the promotion of social work as a profession and social work education according to international standards. AZSWPU has a strong voice on matters of social inclusion to become a professional organization, which can be part of the macro social reforms in the country. AZSWPU seeks professional relationship with government institutions, educational institutions, civil society organisations, service users, and the communities.