• AZSWU | Azerbaijan Social Work Public Union


    The Azerbaijan Social Work Public Union (AZSWU) is an association of professional social workers of Azerbaijan. It was established by alumna who studied social work in the US. Currently AZSWU has about 250 social worker members with social work degree. Initiated in 2006 and officially registered in 2009, the AZSWU has as its mission to promote the social work profession in Azerbaijan, with a special focus on promoting welfare of vulnerable groups in the society.

  • Membership to IFSW


    In 2012, it became a member of the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW). Through this membership AZSWU ensures that the quality of social work is in line with international standards and professionalism. It also makes sure that high standards are maintained throughout social work education. AZSWU strives to increase the number of professional social workers in the country and strongly supports the establishment of social work as an academic career.

  • Law of Social Services


    Following the Law of Social Services, in 2013 with two separate documents such as the national qualification standards and national qualification criteria by order of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population and the World Bank for social workers and social service assistants were prepared and AZSWU played a main role in it. AZSWU also provides technical support to 5 universities which have social work programs. It conducted 3 conferences for social works students of Baku State University, Azerbaijan Tourism Institute and Azerbaijan Institute. Meanwhile it constantly organizes workshops and seminars for social work faculty from the same universities to increase quality of social work education.In 2013, it jointly with the Turkish Association of Social Workers and Antalya Municipality organized the International conference with participation of 11 countries which is called “Bridge of Social Work from East to West” In 2013 Secretary-General of IFSW, Dr. Rory Truell, visited Azerbaijan by invitation of AZSWU. He conducted meetings with all rectors and deans of the universities in Baku which has social work program, with Hadi Rajabi and other members of the Social Policy Committee at the National Parliament, with MLSP, with UNDP, with social work students and local NGO’s.Ex-Chair of AZSWU Aytakin Huseynli participated at two global conferences of IFSW representing Azerbaijan among 110 countries and annual meeting of IFSW Europe representing Azerbaijan among 65 countries. At that meeting Aytakin Huseynli was selected as Deputy for Executive Committee of IFSW Europe. In December of 2013, Ex- Chair of AZSWU, Aytakin Huseynli was invited by the Government of Uzbekistan to participate at the international conference organized by Uzbekistan government on child care with participation of 15 countries and also give lecture to social work students from social work programs in Uzbekistan.

  • Collobration with Ministry of Education


    Between 2014-2015 AZSWU implemented the project for development of national minimum quality standards for social work education which is supported and financed by the Ministry of Education.

  • AZSWU | Azerbaijan Social Work Public Union


    In April of 2015 Chair of AZSWU, Gulnara Panahova and current Executive Director, Lamiya Rzayeva represented Azerbaijan at the international conference on Strengthening Social Work Profession with participation about 50 countries in Tbilisi, Georgia by presenting on Achievements and Challenges in Social Work in Azerbaijan. In 2015, AZSWU applied to Fulbright program to invite a social worker from the US and Dr. Leticia Villarreal Sosa will be visiting Azerbaijan 3 times, each being 2 weeks during 2016 to teach a course to social work students, hold capacity building seminars with teachers and relevant government and non-government agencies. In 2015, AZSWU cooperated with “Development of social service provision in Azerbaijan” twinning project and Austrian Social Workers Association (OBDS) which is mainly involved at implementation of the project. Twinning experts were invited to workshops for AZSWU members and social work students. October 30, 2015, AZSIB was represented at international conference on “Social Protection Floors – regional and international experiences within the Social Protection Floor Initiative by Gunay Ismailova, ex-member of Board of Directors. The Conference was organized by International Council for Social Welfare (ICSW), Georgian Association of Social Workers and International Labor Organizations in Tbilisi, Georgia.