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Child Development Accounts to Combat Child Poverty in Azerbaijan

According to Unicef (2015) one billion children out of 2.4 billion child population of the world suffer from poverty today. Children experience of poverty as an environment different than adults because it is damaging their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual development. They experience it with their hands, minds and hearts. Poverty everywhere in the world has negative impacts on almost all aspects of family life and out-comes for children.


Public Relations Assistant Internship

Azerbaijan Social Work Public Union is dedicated to promoting and regulating the Social Work profession in Azerbaijan is offering a challenging internship in our Public Relations Activities.


Step-by-Step Guide To Opening A CDA Account

Step-by-Step Guide To Opening A CDA Account

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International Conference on Child Development Accounts (CDAs)

The conference is on Child Development Accounts. Child Development Accounts (CDAs) are savings or investment accounts that begin as early as birth as they first suggested by CSD Director Michael Sherraden in his book "Assets and the Poor".